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Facing Bluetooth Issues With Your Garmin Device

Garmin provides the best GPS and map services to its users for the excursions. The device is really an innovation in the field of providing people directions and has carved a niche by providing successful directions and GPS facilities. But sometimes users face many problems with their Garmin devices, plus it is a technological product and therefore it is prone to the vulnerabilities. But the most common problem user’s face with their Garmin devices is the Bluetooth connectivity issues which really irritates the users to the core. Users find themselves at loss as to what to do so they can contact the technical experts through Garmin Update.

Symptoms of the Bluetooth connectivity issue.

  • The device connects to the system easily at first but then it fails to authenticate.
  • It is not able to do syncing with the Garmin Connect.
  • The notifications which were displayed earlier are not displayed now.
  • The widgets have stopped working on the Garmin GPS Update

Garmin GPS Update provides Steps to solve this issue:

  • First of all, check the status of the device button whether it is green or red on the Garmin Connect Mobile.
  • If the light is green then the device is ready to sync and ready for the Bluetooth connectivity.
  • However, if the light is red then it signifies that there are some connectivity issues and you need to resolve them.
  • To resolve this change the settings of the phone and check if your Bluetooth is on or not. It is also possible that Garmin is failed to connect due to the maintenance problem so check these things.
  • It is also possible that there is no light shown so that means that the device has been connected to the mobile but connected through Bluetooth and Garmin Update is equally important.
  • To resolve this make sure that the device is in Bluetooth range.
  • If that does not help, reconnect the device with your mobile again.

Contact Garmin GPS Update team to resolve this issue.

If users still are not able to get past this problem and have issues while following the steps and they should get expert’s advice through Garmin GPS Update without any hesitation toll-free from anywhere in the world. They are available 24X7 at your service.