The Ultimate Guide to Get Instant Update for Garmin Dezl Otr1000 Maps:

Garmin Dezl Otr1000 Maps Update

The Ultimate Guide to Get Instant Update for Garmin Dezl Otr1000 Maps

Garmin dezl OTR1000 has come up with an amazing feature such as Extra-large touchscreen, driver alerts, accurate custom truck route, hands-free calling and much more. But sometimes, user face updating issues with this device so if you are searching How to update Garmin dezl OTR1000 maps? on any search engine so your search will end today because here you will get completing update information Garmin dezl OTR1000 device with various methods. So, just follow the below-given instructions:

Users can get Garmin dezl OTR1000 map update with two methods: –

  1. Update map through Wi-Fi:

Just connect to the device through the wireless network and get direct on the device. In this update method, users will not connect desktop or laptop via USB cable.

  1. Get Instant Update via Garmin Express:

Users have to connect the Garmin dezl OTR1000 device to the computer through USB cable and will get updates through Garmin express where you have download map in the memory card and then, you can install on your device.

How to update Garmin dezl OTR1000 maps Using Wireless Network?

  • For an instant update, just provide the wireless network to your device.
  • Then, check the battery level, otherwise charge your device because Garmin dezl OTR1000 map update will take some time.
  • After then,’ Turn On’ your device and ‘Accept’ the warning.
  • Select the vehicle profile so touch on ‘Straight Truck’.
  • Choose the ‘White Circle Icon’ six dots.
  • Press the tools icon and then, select ‘System Update’.
  • Make sure your Wi-fi network has connected to your device.
  • Navigators will automatically search the available map as well as a software update.
  • Blue download arrow indicates the update is available on your map.
  • Tap on the ‘Download’ button and connect the power source to the device.
  • These updates will take standard time and then, tap on the ‘Install’ button.
  • Finally, restart your device and get the benefit of the latest update.

Accordingly, users can get GPS map Update Garmin dezl OTR1000 through above-presented steps but if you want to update your device via Garmin express application so just see below-given another method.

Simple steps to get Garmin dezl OTR1000 map update via Garmin Express:

  • Go to the official website Garmin through any web browser.
  • Create a new account or sign-in via credentials.
  • Then, tap on the Support menu and hit the Software option from the list.
  • Press the Garmin Express & just connect the USB cable between devices and computers.
  • After installation of Garmin express, the windows prompt will appear on the display screen.
  • Tap on Add your device option and select Garmin dezl OTR1000 device.
  • Garmin Express will detect updates automatically.
  • If update is available so just press the Install all button.
  • Accept the terms & conditions and go ahead with the update.
  • After some time, the update will complete so just remove the USB cable from the device.
  • Now your Garmin dezl OTR1000 map update process has completed.

That’s all.