Garmin Drive 50LM GPS

Garmin Drive 50LM GPS Device Update

Garmin Drive 50LM is an amazing GPS device where users can take the benefits of a traffic alert, sharp curves, best navigations for every turn, long-lasting battery, orientation display, and So on. But Garmin provides updates from time to time for all devices but users don’t follow the instructions of the Garmin. For this reason, lots of errors and issues occurred in the device. So, if you want to instant Garmin Drive 50lm Update so just see the below-given steps.

Method 1: How to get Garmin Nuvi 50lm GPS Update?

Garmin devices are very flexible and friendly so it provides two methods of Garmin Nuvi 50lm GPS Update. The first one is automatic updates and second is update through Garmin Express software where users can easily update their devices with the help of a wireless connection. If you don’t about this process so just follow the instructions:

Steps to Garmin Nuvi 50lm Update using Wireless Connectivity:

  • Plug your device into the power source.
  • Now, go to the settings and then, tap on the About option.
  • Press the System update and access the wi-fi setting.
  • Now, enter the Wi-Fi password.
  • If your wi-fi connection has been established so just tap on the Map.
  • Check the latest software & map update.
  • If there any update appears on the display screen.
  • Then, press the download and after then install button.

Accordingly, users can easily get the latest software and map updates on their device but before proceeding installation, just provide the high speed of internet connectivity to your device, otherwise, the downloading process will take much more time, or sometime it may break anytime.

Method 2: How to Get Garmin Nuvi 50lm Update Using Garmin Express?

  • Before starting the map update process, just install the Garmin Express on your computer.
  • Firstly, connect your Garmin Nuvi 50lm device to the laptop or desktop system through USB cable and touch the continue, if your USB cable has connected.
  • Now, reach to the Start menu of the computer system and open the Garmin express and for the Mac users, can get Garmin Express from application folder.
  • Tap on the plus symbol and add Garmin Nuvi 50lm and after then, press the Yes button.
  • Garmin express will find the automatic update on your device so just tap on the Update button.
  • After completing all Garmin Nuvi 50lm Update, just remove the USB cable and take the benefits of the latest map.

Therefore, users can simply install the software as well as a map but before starting the update process, just check the battery level, if it is not good so provide the power and then go for the Garmin Nuvi 50lm GPS Update but if everything is good and you are getting proper installation so you can direct contact helpline number which is available 24X7 and toll-free number facilities.