How to Deal With "Memory Full” Error in Your Garmin GPS?

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How to Deal With “Memory Full” Error in Your Garmin GPS?

Users, who are using the old versions of Garmin GPS, frequently find this error in their Garmin Device. And it is really annoying to get the “memory full” error when you are on the voyage and you can’t do much about this stupid and minor error which stops the device to download the full maps and navigation information.

This error occurs when users have fully downloaded the maps and when they try to calculate their route map of any voyage more than 700 km their device shows error “route memory full”.

Users having the latest device can also sometimes face this error of “memory full” and they can also follow the steps provided below in this blog to troubleshoot this error.

Users should also know the root cause of their problem which will help them to troubleshoot any similar problem they encounter in the future. The Garmin devices which were manufactured earlier build with less memory because the maps and routes had a smaller size but now with lots and lots of routes and navigation details and according to this the memory of the device was very less. So, there is one important thing to do which is to update your Garmin to the latest version which can resolve this problem to some extent. If users are having a problem in updating their device they can contact Garmin GPS Update number for immediate assistance.

Troubleshoot “Memory Full” Error in Your Garmin GPS with these simple steps:

  • First of all, update your Garmin software and get the latest version.
  • Clean all the data available on your device. Do the deep cleansing of the device. If required reset your device so that it can be factory reset.

If users are having any problem while updating or resetting their device and while cleaning properly they can contact the technical experts via Garmin Update.

  • After deleting the history of routes connect your device to the PC which is compatible with your device and also delete the archive files and thumbnails of the routes from your device.
  • Then, always use a map that is smaller in size, only having the routes.
  • If the above things won’t work divide your route calculation.

If users are still having problems with this error or want any assistance while deleting the trail files or dividing their route calculation, they can call the experts through the Garmin GPS Update.