Garmin Kenwood DNS6000EX GPS Map Update

Kenwood’s GPS unit model named DNS6000EX has been able to generate trustworthy navigation results with the specifications it withholds. With the help of Garmin DNS6000EX Map Update one may keep a check on various parameters like fuel efficiency, speed limits, distance traveled and so on. Let’s take a look at the specifications that have made this unit model of Kenwood unique: –

  • The screen size of 6.75 centimeters to capture views effectively.
  • Offers compatibility to various auto motors via steering wheel control options.
  • High-quality resolution playback with frequency up to 11.2 Mega-hertz.
  • Sensitive to FM and other playback files with formats like MP3, WMA and so on.

Apart from the mentioned-above specifications, the pre-loaded map versions of the compatible Kenwood DNS6000EX Garmin update may geofence millions of point-of-interests. These point-of-interests may include restaurants, fuel stations, garages, and other favorite spots. Even the specifications of this marvelous GPS unit are compatible with both Apple and Android phones. Additionally, the top-notch audio components of this device can make your trips fun-loving and adventurous.

One must install the best-suited version of the Garmin Kenwood DNS6000EX GPS update to switch lanes (if needed) without any hustle. The DNS6000EX GPS unit supports sonic upgrades that may help various fleet supervisors reach their pick-up sources within the estimated time. Such sources can be traversed with much ease with the in-built voice prompts generated by the device’s multi-purpose navigation receiver.