Garmin Kenwood DNX5160 GPS Map Update

The most accurate and precise navigation system of Kenwood’s DNX5160 GPS unit can take you to the places that have a wide range of twists and turns. Even, the most prominent version of Garmin DNX5160 Map Update is able to deliver the live traffic updates at times you get stuck at long highways. Now, just take a look at the salient features of the DNX5160 GPS device: –

  • A four-pin USB cable (Type A) for connecting your device with laptops.
  • The most dynamic version of Sirius receiver for connecting with iPods and other phones.
  • Excellently announces street names and other navigation instructions.
  • An equalizer with frequency bands of 100, 1000 and 10000 giga-hertz.

Additionally, the microSD card supports flash memory for storing the addresses and other street-views of the spots. Such addresses can be modified by the navigation system if you download the available Kenwood DNX5160 Garmin update on your DNX5160 unit. Besides, the signal-to-noise ratio (70 decibels and 98 decibels) has set benchmarks in improvising the audio-frequency bandwidths across different channels. One must not forget to install the Garmin Kenwood DNX5160 GPS update on a frequent basis.