Garmin Kenwood DNX6180 GPS Map Update

­Want An Easy Fix For Your Garmin Kenwood Dnx6180 GPS Update? Read This!

Nowadays, GPS device has become a common need for every user and Garmin Kenwood devices are coming with various features and connectivity. In this rang Garmin Kenwood DNX6180 is user friendly and most trusted device. But sometimes, But, in a situation, if you are facing any issues such as touchscreen not working, Bluetooth connectivity issue, Navigation is not responding, maps are not working properly so there might be Kenwood DNX6180 Garmin update issue and in this blog, you will get step by step guidance from the update. Just see the below-given steps.

Steps to get instant Garmin Kenwood DNX6180 GPS update using WIFI Connection:

  • Firstly, turn on the GPS device.
  • Tap on the Settings option.
  • Now, select the system information.
  • After then, click on the option.
  • Refresh your device and update will appear.
  • Tap on the update button and wait for the while.
  • Finally, your map will update automatically.

Therefore, users can simply get a Garmin Kenwood DNX6180 GPS update without wasting much more time but on the duration of the update, your internet speed should be good because due to bad internet connectivity, your update process can be break or delay on the update.

How to Install Garmin DNX6180 Map Update:

Before starting the download and installation process for the map update, just open your laptop on either desktop and visit the official Garmin Kenwood website via any web browser.

  • For better demonstration, users have to registered their account or enter via sign-in.
  • Now, add your device via model number and name.
  • After then, click on the update option and insert the USB drive.
  • Tap on the read media option and select any map which you want to install.
  • Purchase the map and after all, click on the activate button.
  • Finally, click on the install button and the installation process will start.
  • Wait for a minute and after completing all steps, just remove the USB flash drive.

Accordingly, users can easily get Garmin DNX6180 Map Update via the above-presented steps.