Garmin DriveSmart 5″ NA LMT EX GPS Navigator



  • Bright 5 inch GPS pilot with dual-direction, squeeze to zoom display
  • Serve with hands-free calling and voice supporter navigation.
  • Personalized smartphone notifications let users get calls, messages, and various app alerts on the GPS navigation screen.
  • Provides touch screen, progressive lane guidance etc.
  • Aid with live traffic, stoppage or obstruction.

Garmin Drive smart 5”  NA LMT EX GPS Navigator has propelled GPS device with hands-free calling, voice actuated roads and routes, shrewd warnings to encourage more secure driving. This device incorporates preloaded maps of North America with various lifetime changes, Advanced lane guidance, Let users know about Traffic and congestion and that’s just the beginning. Users will be alarmed if moving toward routes turned a perilous bend, twist, and turns, speed zone changes, parking lots, intersections, etc. Besides exhaustion cautioning even suggests a break after hours of driving, recognizing potential rest region ahead.
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