Garmin echoMAP™ 74Cv Chirp with Transducer, 010-01801-01



  • Clearer scanning sonar demonstrates you a greater amount of what is in the water around your pontoon. This high-recurrence sonar gives close photographic pictures with itemized portrayals of articles, structure, and fish.
  • Chirp sonar – Chirp sends a nonstop scope of frequencies which gives a more extensive scope of data. Chirp sonar can make crisper fish curves with better objective partition.
  • The device has got Preloaded BlueChart g2 charts for the coastal U.S
  • Clear examining sonar accompanies worked in 500 w Chirp conventional sonar and Chirp clearvü filtering sonar.
  • Efficient and quick navigation results

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With its smart and accurate navigation results, this GPS device has won the heart of millions of its users. Its inbuilt clear scanning SONAR makes the entire navigation smooth and easy. Also, you can reach any location and can cover any distance by determining the route that you can use to visit or reach any destination without any hassle.

With such amazing features and easy to use interference, this device has become famous in no time. So, buying this at such a reasonable price is like a never to lose deal.
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