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How to Reset Garmin Nuvi 5000?

Many users face problems while resetting their Garmin GPS Devices. If you are getting problems in loading maps, or there is a blank screen problem, your GPS device freezes unexpectedly, the device is not working properly, it isn’t showing the exact and correct location, your device is unable to find a certain location or address then it’s a high time that you should consider to Reset Garmin Nuvi 5000. You should reset your device so that it starts working properly and this problem can be due to storage issues or some minor battery issue because the battery saves the data in case you go offline. Hence, it is recommended to reset your device if you are facing the above-mentioned issues. by the way if you have got the Memory Full error in Your Garmin GPS Device then you can also get help from here.

There are two types of reset-first is soft reset and another is a hard reset. Usually what happens after hard resetting is that it erases all your data which you have bookmarked or saved in your device and set your device as a factory device exactly the same as you have received your product. But soft reset is just like rebooting your device and it ensures that your saved data does not get erased. However, if you are facing the aforementioned problems and issues then experts recommend that you do a hard reset and then download all things again. Users can also clear all their doubts regarding their device and can seek advice if they should do a hard reset or soft reset from our technical experts by calling on our Garmin GPS Update helpline number.

Here the steps to Reset Garmin Nuvi 5000

  • Keep in mind: if you hard reset your device all useful data that is saved in your device will be erased in the process.
  • Ensure that your device is charged properly and if not connect it to the power outlet.
  • Disconnect your device from the system.
  • After 3 or 4 seconds later switch on your device.
  • If your device is not turning on you can contact technical experts for guidance via Garmin GPS number.
  • After successfully turning on the device look for the loading bar to appear.
  • If the loading bar does not appear as soon as you have turned on your device or you have any other problem call experts through the Garmin map update number.
  • When the loading bar appears, press and hold the button to reset.
  • A pop-up will appear saying “do you want to erase all the data”.

Click on it and your device will reset. If you have press the button and still the pop-up is not appearing on the screen contact the professionals who have expertise in solving this entire range of problems quickly in just one call via Garmin Nuvi 5000.