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How to install the latest Garmin Alpha Update for free?

Existing Garmin users can update their Garmin maps with both alpha handheld and Train and Track (TT) collar devices. In addition, it is easy to install the latest map updates of alpha series on their workstations. All they need to do is log in to Garmin’s site with their credentials. Then,  install the available Garmin Alpha Update at their computers. Let’s discuss some of the mandatory checkpoints you need to adhere before performing the update exercise: –

  • Enable the navigation button of your TT device to tracklog the file stored in your Garmin dock can be cross verified by the Garmin’s cloud server. In addition, this synchronization also notifies its users the newly released versions of the Garmin GPS map update as per the operating system’s requirements.
  • Your device has enough storage that can save the necessary files while you perform the installation of such updates. If the device doesn’t have sufficient storage, insert a 32 GB SD card in the top left slot. In case you don’t find it suitable, prefer to clear some of the storage and then, install the updates.
  • The battery is in the working state. If not, try to fix it by removing the battery from your device and then, installing it again. This step will help your Garmin device recognize the battery in case it is not detected.

The above-mentioned pre-requisites not only help you in achieving the installation within a short time span but also give an option to enjoy your travels with hassle-free navigation results while driving rotationally. Given below are some quick and easy steps to perform the installation of the latest Garmin Alpha Update with your device: –

Steps to perform Garmin Alpha update on your workstation

  • To begin the installation process, you must download the Web Updater setup from the company’s official site. Once you install the above-mentioned setup, it will be pretty easy for you to install the Garmin Alpha Update.
  • Connect your TT gadget with the computer and run the Web Updater setup.
  • You will see a pop-up window asking to find your device. Click on find your device button and select Alpha TT100 from the drop-down list.
  • Attach the charging clip of your device with the endpoint of the USB cord, followed by connecting the USB with your workstation. It’s time to read the on-screen instructions displayed by the setup and click on OK.
  • Now, the Web Updater will automatically scan your device and install the necessary updates. Wait for the application to finish the downloading. After the system downloads the necessary update, disconnect the USB cord from your workstation and click on Eject my Alpha TT100.
  • Restart your workstation to see the after-effects of the update.

In case you get stuck at any of the above steps of the Garmin Alpha Update process, don’t hesitate to visit our blogs and get more information about the services delivered by Garmin.